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“Save up to 90% of your fuel cost by switching to Solar”

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Solar Hybrid Generator

Game changing remote autonomous management

Manage your ProPower from anywhere, anytime using the SmartRemote software, enabling you to analyze, optimize and report on the power used by connected onsite equipment to reduce energy waste, costs and carbon emissions.

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Prolectric ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator
ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator

The Prolectric ProPower is a solar hybrid generator that has been designed to provide a sustainable temporary power solution for the construction, infrastructure and rail sectors, amongst others.

The latest solar and lithium battery storage technology

Skid or trailer mounted

Clean energy that is cost effective and easy to deploy

Significantly cuts your fuel usage and carbon emissions

A compact footprint makes it easy and quick to set up

Available with the ERICA smart distribution board which reduces power wastage, costs and carbon emissions with its smart monitoring system. 

The ProPower can charge electric plant equipment and up to 6 site welfare cabins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each ProPower is equipped with our SmartRemote software enabling the user to review, optimize and report on the power used by connected onsite equipment. Diagnostics and GPS tracking is done autonomously and remotely, so key data such as power generated and consumed can be optimized to reduce wastage. Environmental reports can be automatically produced to track energy performance and carbon reductions compared to conventional generators.


Advanced Technology Icon

Remote control, monitoring
and reporting capabilities

Reduced Emissions Icon

Offers huge CO2 emissions
benefits vs traditional diesel generators

Reduced Fuel Icon

The ProPower can cut fuel
usage by up to 90%

Reduced Noise Icon

Silent overnight power from
battery storage, ideal for
urban & night projects

Reduced Maintenance Icon

Reduced generator run-time
means less maintenance

Product Specifications

Prolectric ProPower General Specifications
Prolectric ProPower Solar Panels Specifications
Prolectric ProPower Dimensions

Ryan Ballinger
Production Manager
Colas Rail

“A 97% diesel reduction at the first attempt is a great achievement. Saving close to 1,320 gallons of fuel. There’s no doubt these technologies are going to be a complete game changer, and we need to push on to get to a place where using this type of technology is just business as usual."

We're excited to work together on your next project.

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Prolectric ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator
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